No One’s As Headstrong As A Mom On A Mission

Head & Shoulders knows everyone has their own story, their own hurdles, their own journey to success. Those that have the confidence to keep going despite setbacks, are the #Headstrong among us.

This year, Head & Shoulders is celebrating military moms that give up so much and expect so little in return. Nothing stops the #Headstrong.

Headstrong means raising the bar and being confident. Headstrong people know what they want and won’t let anything get in their way. Not even itch, flakes or doubt. And in our minds, military moms embody the headstrong philosophy.

Supporting our #Headstrong military moms

Head & Shoulders will support our Military by focusing on #Headstrong moms. In May and June, we’re partnering with the NFL and Operation Homefront, to surprise military moms and their families with NFL player appearances - because they deserve it.

Recreating moments

In partnership with Operation Homefront, Head & Shoulders would also like to bring together Military moms, and their loved ones, to recreate moments they missed with their children.

So often, moms want to be there but have a duty to be somewhere else. We don’t want them to miss out and want to show our appreciation.

The donation programme

Head & Shoulders will further support US military families by making donations to Operation Homefront. As part of our efforts, we will donate $2 Million worth of hair products to military moms and their families.

Moms give up a lot, but military moms give up even more. Help us show our appreciation and support to these #Headstrong moms on a mission.