New Head & Shoulders – smaller really is better

An upgrade to all Head & Shoulders shampoos sees the launch of a new formula that takes its inspiration from sun care products. Find out what’s new across all our shampoos

The new upgrade sees a change to a critical ingredient of our exclusive formula, Zinc Carbonate, that makes it 8 times smaller and finer.


It’s been shown the smaller particles deliver improved hair benefits plus scalp health, in the following ways:

richer lather with finer bubbles that don’t pop as easily for an effective clean

smoother, softer hair with a quick-rinsing formula that lets you say goodbye to heavy residues that leave hair feeling dry

a deeply purified scalp together with active ingredients that penetrate to reach the areas where the dandruff-causing microbe resides

The new formula has been 12 years in the making – a process which involved molecular modeling and countless clinical studies of particle size, distribution and deposition. The aim was to create a breakthrough dandruff shampoo that delivered a best-in-class combination of scalp and hair health.1


The new tri-action formula is not just about the unbeatable dandruff protection you expect from Head & Shoulders1 – it delivers hair benefits on a par with the beauty shampoos.

It challenges the perception that anti-dandruff shampoos are harsh or leave your hair dry and combines rich lather, effortless detangling, and healthy, moisturized hair with an anti-dandruff action that leaves you up to 100% flake-free.2

1 vs. competitive dandruff shampoos with 1% pyrithione zinc
2 visible flakes with regular use