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Damage Rescue

Damage Rescue

rescue hair from damage, dullness, and scalp dryness

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$4.99 for 13.5 oz
Prices may vary
  • Helps repair damaged hair’s smoothness, helps relieve dry scalp, and reduces breakage for up to 10X stronger* hair (*strength against damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo).
  • Formulated with Head & Shoulders’ Fresh Scent Technology featuring a delightful in-shower scent experience
  • Rich, nourishing shampoo with three conditioning ingredients

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123NotIt - 24 Jun 2015
As someone who has been conditioner washing their hair for the past year, I was very hesitant to try any shampoo for fear of drying out my hair, but when the flakiness of my scalp became noticeable, I decided to try this and I am very pleased. It makes a nice, creamy lather that doesn't make my color treated, lightened, heat styled daily hair feel like a dry tangled mess after shampooing like other shampoos typically do. It smells great, and is pretty much my holy grail shampoo. That's high praise, considering how many salon brands I've tried over the years! I will continue to use this as long as they make it!
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Head and Shoulders 2 in1 oil control
LeviRay - 12 Mar 2015
I have always been the one to ignore all the shampoo products that promise results that would fit your need. I stuck to home remedies that didn't really work. When I came across head and shoulders 2 in 1 oil control, I decided to test it out myself. I have never had results this amazing ! I intend to have no other shampoo but head and shoulders. Amazing formulated shampoo, truly a gift.
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Head and Shoulders Damage Rescue Shampoo
HOOKED - 5 Jan 2015
Ok, I really don't write reviews all that much. But I'm honestly surprised there aren't more raving reviews of this product. I've tried various shampoo conditioner combos, and this is byfar the best in my opinion. Head and shoulders on it's own is a great brand for dandruff control and hair maintenance, but I didn't take notice of them until I tried their Damage Rescue system. Not only is this a great shampoo conditioner combo, but the smell is really what I love about it. The fresh peach makes my hair smell fruity and clean, and the scent lingers after the shower so I get whiffs of it all day. I started using this product for the dandruff control, and I stayed for the smell. Seriously. I buy this stuff in 5's now because I can't find it at some stores. Amazing.

** based on a 2013 survey of U.S. dermatologists
+ itch associated with dandruff
++ strength against damage

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Damage Rescue

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$4.99 for 13.5 oz

Prices may vary

Damage Rescue <br/>Conditioner