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Old Spice

Old Spice
Shampoo for Men

an amazing clean powered by a handsome scent

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$4.99 for 13.5 oz
Prices may vary
  • Smell like a man with the handsome scent of Old Spice; formulated with Head & Shoulders’ Fresh Scent Technology for an in-shower scent experience
  • Fights flaky scalp and slams away dirt
  • Head & Shoulders is the Official Shampoo of the NFL and the Official Shampoo of Major League Baseball

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Together... at last!!
Stevie84 - 28 Jul 2015
Love the smelll of this shampoo - it's not all fruits and flowers like a lot of shampoos, but the great Old Spice smell that I love. Great combination - the best shampoo and the best fragrance. Beat that!
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Old Spice Shampoo ONLY
jjca - 9 Apr 2015
Can't find this anywhere! ? Do you have any suggestions as to who might carry this product? I purchased it once and now can only find the 2in1 product on the shelves.

*bulk fullness; non-conditioning shampoo and Full & Strong Advanced Thickening Treatment vs. dirty/unwashed hair
**strength against damage; System of Full & Strong Shampoo, Conditioner and Advanced Thickening Treatment vs. non-conditioning shampoo

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$4.99 for 13.5 oz

Prices may vary

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