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Dry Scalp Care

Dry Scalp Care

clinically proven to help restore scalp’s natural moisture

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$4.99 for 13.5 oz
Prices may vary
  • Improves scalp health in 2 weeks* (*with regular use)
  • Formulated with Head & Shoulders’ NEW Fresh Scent Technology for an improved in-shower scent experience
  • Dual-action formula with almond oil helps relieve dry scalp and itch**, while providing extra conditioners for your hair (**associated with dandruff)

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Alla - 14 Feb 2015
When I got this, I thought my dryness in scalp would worsen, but turns out, I now have no red scalp, but no more dandruff! This is a great product.
  • Rating
Aysha , Female - 11 Feb 2015
I've used H&S exclusively for years, so I didn't think twice when trying out this new one, and for dry scalp no less - something I've dealt with for so long. Well, right after I get out of the shower my head feels tight and itchy, which is exactly what dry scalp does.. But then the day after I wash my hair it's as if I'd gone a week without showering. There is no in between! I don't want to keep using it but it's still 90% full and I hate wasting so I guess I'll deal with greasy hair for a while.
  • Rating
Never agian
Vivian - 4 Feb 2015
This leaves your hair greasy and feeling dirty like if you haven't washed it for 3 days it just feels awful never again will I use it or allow other to buy it and plus by the evening (I take a shower in the mornings)you hair smells BAD

** based on a 2013 survey of U.S. dermatologists
+ itch associated with dandruff
++ strength against damage

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Dry Scalp Care

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$4.99 for 13.5 oz

Prices may vary

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